JiangNan Handmade is a one women business that was created by me, Jiang Nan, as a dream and desire to create beautiful wire wrapped jewelry that brings you happiness and will give you the strength to follow your dreams.

My wire wrapped jewelry always inspired from the natural and the season, I believe the connection between human and nuture will give your strength, uplift your spirits and be your good luck charm!

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Hi, my name is Jiang Nan!

Hello, I'm so glad you visit my shop. My name is Jiang Nan. I used to be a jewelry seller for three years. I came across many beautiful jewelry, and I have always dream to have a beautiful piece that belong to me.

In my humble opinion, each piece of jewelry has significant meaning for its owner. By chance, I saw a beautiful wire wrapped necklace online and wondered if I could create it with my own hands. Because I believe handmade jewelry is different with the jewelry which made from machine, handmade jewelry is much more unique and precious.

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