About Me

Hello, I'm so glad you visit my shop. My name is JiangNan. I used to be a jewelry seller for three years. I came across many beautiful jewelry, and I have always dream to have a beautiful piece that belong to me. In my humble opinion, each piece of jewelry has significant meaning for its owner.

By chance, I saw a beautiful wire wrapped necklace online and wondered if I could create it with my own hands. Because I believe handmade jewelry is different with the jewelry which made from machine, handmade jewelry is much more unique and precious.

So, in 2021, I quit my full-time job and focused on wire wrapping. Starting from scratch was challenging, but whenever I faced difficulties, I found wire wrapping could bring me clam and happy. I believe this is the reason I can persist in doing what I love - wire wrapping!

Now I am so excited that I can share my wire wrapping works with you in my online store. I hope you will find somthing your love here! Many thanks for you watching and support!


Jiang Nan